Why You Should Mingle With Other Travelers in Hawaii

It’s easy to get caught up in your own little world while you’re vacationing in Hawaii, but there are some great reasons why you should get together with other travelers while you’re in paradise, either for a simple meal, or even for days at a time. These reasons are especially relevant to sociable single travelers or couples.

  • Save your hard-earned cash. Combine your resources, and chip in for a group tour or hotel room.
  • Some packaged tour companies charge an extra fee called a “single supplement” for solo travelers.
  • For example, a cruise for two adults around the Hawaiian Islands can cost $1,500 each while for a single traveler; the cost can be $1,000 more!
  • Learn about other cultures. Getting together with other travelers allows you to meet new people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This is a terrific chance to broaden your horizons as a citizen of the world.
  • Pass on tips to other travelers. Being a helpful traveler definitely scores you some karma points in the future. If you strike up a conversation about a certain tourist site, you may even earn a friend for the long run!
  • Receive tips from other travelers. Don’t know what to do? Ask around!
  • Mingling with other travelers helps you get advice from their prior experiences. You’ll know what to avoid and what are the “must-sees.”
  • Have more fun! Ever heard of the phrase, “the more, the merrier”? Truly words to live by. You will inevitably have more fun with another person who can share your jokes, stories and background.
  • Even if you are a loner, getting together with another traveler is an excellent opportunity to find a connection.
  • Travel safer. Safety in numbers is the old adage. This is especially important if you travel solo. Although no one will doubt your street smarts or ability to travel alone, having another person with you can give the illusion to potential thieves that you should not be messed with.
  • Peace of mind. Traveling can be quite stressful, so interacting with other travelers can redistribute that stress. For instance, if you’re worried about traveling to a new place or site, going with another traveler can ease your worries about getting lost.
  • Find love. Mingling with other travelers is especially rewarding if you are a single, unattached traveler.
  • Meeting another traveler already sets you off on the right foot as both of you have the same interest already: traveling!
  • Pass the time. Sometimes traveling can be a lonely business, especially if you are stuck on an airplane or a long bus ride.
  • It is a good idea to talk to other travelers to pass the time and make the journey a little less boring.

There is no real downside to mingling with other travelers while you are in Hawaii. The advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages: meet great people, expand your social circle, have more fun and learn about different backgrounds. These are all keys to a lovely time on a trip ¾ after all, you are going to someplace new, so meet new people!